Electronic Press Kit - lifespark.


Lifespark – in two words: Beautiful Anger, since 2018.

Emo Pop Rock from Koblenz, that sets a counterpoint to worry and hopelessness with positive and life-affirming lyrics. The four guys radiate a joy of music, that you simply can’t resist, not on record and especially not live. Always present: catchy hooks that make it impossible not to sing along and brutal breakdowns that make the mosh pit open up all by itself.

Their electrifying live shows are a testament to their commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for their fans. Lifespark believes that the most important thing at any show is to leave the audience with a smile on their face.


„I fell in love with his screaming!“ / „I had to glue myself to the ground to headbang safely here“ / „Well, that’s certainly above average!“


The band has proven the truthfulness of these fan quotes, especially when they were asked by Caliban at short notice to accompany the start of the Dystopia club tour 2022.


„Think about it, I used to have posters of them on my wall!“ – Marcel Randazzo (Bass for Lifespark).


At the heart of Lifespark’s music is an unspoken understanding, that whatever comes out of the speakers, simply feels right.

Their latest release, produced by Timo Bonner (Our Mirage), is set to hit the digital shelves in September 2023. It will be followed by their first Germany tour, culminating in a grand finale in their hometown of Koblenz.

In summary, Lifespark is a band that combines explosive energy with uplifting lyrics, delivering an unforgettable experience for their fans both on and off stage.



„Die Mischung aus Melancholie, Nostalgie und Optimismus verbunden mit dem für Lifespark. typischen Wechsel von harten und ruhigen Parts, machen „Scenery“ ebenfalls zu einem emotionalen Bollwerk. Soundtechnisch reiht sich „Scenery“ in die vorherigen Singles ein und erinnert dabei an “Lost in the Echo” von Linkin Park“Eden” von Fjort und “Hate” von The Unguided.“

– Frontstage Magazine